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Anne Nelson

Christopher gave a presentation of his metacognition work for my class at Columbia. It was a fresh and highly stimulating way for the students to consider how technology will affect their future careers. Christopher’s approach is highly accessible, while incorporating a lot of the newest thinking on the issues.

April Aldeen

I just finished your course on LinkedIn and really loved it. As a nonlinear careerist I often feel devalued in our society, even though I know I bring value wherever I go. Your course helped me think more strategically about how I can make moves while continuing to discover things that inspire. So, thank you April Aldeen

Olivia Newman

I have always been a future-oriented thinker, dedicated to my plan, but was facing some uncertainties about the next steps to take to further my career. So, I watched your LinkedIn Learning course Future-Proofing Your Data Science Career. I wanted to reach out and say thank you for the advice you gave in those videos. Olivia Newman

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