Based on my own multimodal career journey, I have developed an in-person, interactive workshop designed to help participants identify next steps in their own nonlinear path.

I have defined a Future Career Toolkit that you can master to manage your own journey through multiple careers

VOICE – by identifying your favorite movies, books, TV shows and games, we determine what it is that you are passionate about and what you do that no one else can do – what is your global brand writ large? How has it evolved?
ANTENNA – looking to identify sources that provide information and insight that will inform your VOICE characteristics and interests – mapping them to external social, cultural, business, political and other criteria.
MESH – dissecting, analyzing and expanding a 3D data visualization of your relationships and learning how to make this an integral part of your daily routin

The workshop begins by laying out background and providing socio-historical context using various reference points to provide perspective on how we got to now.

We then discuss where we are in the 21st  century career and skills paradigm:

How disciplines are interconnecting in new and exciting ways
How net new disciplines are emerging
Ways that technology is transforming every aspect of human endeavor: education, healthcare, travel, media, et al
and ultimately implications for the work paradigm.

The workshop concludes with an interactive session that goes through hands-on exercises for each of the three Future Career Tools. Participants walk away with insight into their own talents and inclinations, a list of information sources for staying in tune with conversations going in in their area of interest, and a tactical plan for identifying and interacting with thought leaders and practitioners that can help them on their career journey.