I have delivered my presentation and workshop in a variety of settings. Here is some of the feedback ->

John CannavoProgram Coordinator at Mays Innovation Research Center, Texas A&M

I met Chris at a conference, and I knew within a minute of speaking with him that he would make an excellent addition to our Center’s “Professional Speaker Series.” Three months later, I found out that I was correct, as Chris flew out to College Station and delivered a wonderful workshop to an audience of undergraduate students. Chris is an engaging, dynamic speaker, and his life experiences are fascinating. We were lucky to listen to someone who has accomplished so much and has maintained a forward-thinking, positive attitude throughout his career. I hope that Chris enjoyed his time in College Station as much as we enjoyed hosting him because we would love to have him speak at Texas A&M again.

Judith Moreno – Administrative Coordinator at Mays Innovation Research Center at Texas A&M

I met Chris at the Mays Innovation Research Center’s “Professional Speaker Series.” Chris delivered his presentation flawlessly and was very interactive with our students. Chris is the kind of person you want to be around; he is creative, outgoing, open to new ideas, and always ready to give some advice. I am very glad we had him and we would be happy to host him again in the future.  

anne nelson_1

Anne Nelson – Author, lecturer, consultant on international media, Columbia University

Christopher gave a presentation of his metacognition work for my class at Columbia. It was a fresh and highly stimulating way for the students to consider how technology will affect their future careers. Christopher’s approach is highly accessible, while incorporating a lot of the newest thinking on the issues, and he is especially versed in the potential of virtual reality. Highly recommended.

cherrice traver_1

Cherrice Traver – Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Union College

Chris gave a great talk to our Electrical and Computer Engineering students on Metacognition and Reinvention. It was inspiring for students and faculty alike. I would recommend him as a speaker for young people as they consider their place in the world.

carl nordgren_1

Carl Nordgren – Creative Populist, writer, speaker, consultant, teacher, Duke University

I have recently met Christopher but within minutes I knew this was a man I would learn so much from. I have been a student of the qualities and dynamics behind Being and Becoming Creatively Entrepreneurial as I teach these topics to my students at Duke, and my service to my students will only grow as I channel some of Chris’ great thinking to them.

bob calamai_1

Bob Calamai – Adjunct Professor, HR Consultant, NYU Stern

Chris spoke in my NYU “Managing Change” class – his discussion stimilated some great discussion and more importantly, gave my students some very practical as well as thought-provoking information they will use as they launch their careers in this complex world.

Hilary Topper – Adjunct Professor, Hofstra University

Chris Bishop is an outstanding speaker. I first heard his presentation at a TedX event in NYC. I immediately asked him to speak before the Social Media Association. He offers incredible value and he is totally engaging. After his presentation, he received accolades from all of the attendees. He has so many positive attributes and there’s so little space here to write about all of them. I just want to say that if you hire him to be a speaker or a business coach for your upcoming event, you won’t be disappointed. He was great. I’m happy to know him and look forward to a long relationship.

mike nelson_1

Michael Nelson – Tech Strategy at CloudFlare, Inc.

I worked with Chris on a wide-ranging internal report on the privacy implications of virtualization, the Grid, and on demand computing. He is a quick thinker, able to “see the big picture” and think strategically, and is a great guy to work with.

Kassandra Mangan – Account Executive – International Business at Artisan House

It was a pleasure when Chris Bishop visited my speech class and gave an informative and interactive presentation on the use of media in the work place. This presentation taught us various skills, including the professional use of social media. I would recommend anyone seeking new skills or developing old skills pertaining to the use of media and technology talk to him.  I learned a lot from him in just two hours.

Wilson Delmasfreshman physics major, Queens College

The most beneficial advice was Chris’ revelation on how many of the top jobs today did not exist five years ago. I found that to be an important notion that should be acknowledged, because of what it means to students who are pursuing degrees in fields such as medicine, accounting, and computer science.

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