Based on my own multimodal career journey, I conduct in-person, interactive workshops designed to help participants identify next steps in their own nonlinear path.

I have defined three Secret Ingredients that you can master to manage the journey through multiple careers.

antenna_1ANTENNA – looking at where you are – whether you have had one career or several- mapping external forces connected to social, cultural, business, political and other criteria mapped to an analysis of your own personal proclivities, talents and experiences

VOvoice_1ICE – what is it that you do that no one else can do – what is your global brand writ large? How has it evolved? Where is it represented?

mesh_2MESH – dissecting, analyzing and expanding a Venn diagram of your relationships and learning how to make this an integral part of your daily routine

The workshop begins by laying out background and providing socio-historical context using various reference points to provide perspective on how we got to now.

I then discuss where we are in the 21st  century career and skills paradigm:

  • how disciplines are interconnecting in new and exciting ways
  • how net new disciplines are emerging
  • ways that technology is transforming every aspect of human endeavor: education, healthcare, travel, media, et al
  • and ultimately implications for the work paradigm.

The workshop concludes with an interactive session using flip charts and white boards to challenge participants to identify current and new skills required to be successful in *jobs of the future* including nanopharmacist, lunar tour guide and augmented reality content producer.