Future Enterprise Talent

85% of the jobs today’s learners will do in the coming decades haven’t been invented… yet!

Continuing globalization, the development of technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented/virtual/mixed reality and robotics, blockchain and cryptoassets as well as the emerging gig economy and contingent worker paradigm are all intersecting to disrupt traditional job roles. The good news is there are tremendously exciting opportunities for those who are prepared!
So how do we get ready for the 21st century’s global borderless workplace? By investigating what career options lie ahead and giving learners strategies to successfully manage how they acquire the needed skills.
Ideation guru and best-selling author Bryan Mattimore and I have teamed up to create a workshop focused on helping students learn more about what the Future of Work holds and how to be ready and successful. We are very excited to offer this terrific collaborative and interactive experience.

How we got to now

Socio-historical perspective: how we have evolved from hunter-gathers to partnering with robots

Opportunity connections

Learn about opportunities at historically unconnected disciplines (nano pharmacy, robotic ethics, others)

Create a Future Job

Participants pick three criteria: leading-edge technology, vertical, role/title – to create a “future” job

"It was great to see how skills and careers are linked. I am going to use this insight in my STEM Club!“
Marlo Diosomito
“I was really at the point where I was not sure what to continue my degree in. This gave me a wider perspective.”
Fashion Student
University of Bridgeport, CT