Future Career Workshops

We offer Future Career Workshops to enlighten learners about the exciting possible careers that lie ahead.

The session is a 60-minute interactive workshop that includes a socio-historical perspective on technology evolution’s impact on business models as well as a future-looking view of opportunities that lie ahead. The session concludes with three “minds-on” activities.




● Background – Chris provides background on how he successfully navigated his own eight careers – from touring rock musician to IBM executive.
● Socio-historical perspective – “how we got to now,” referencing a range of resources including Cambridge professor Carlota Perez’s seminal book  “Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital” as well as insight from Queen Elizabeth I in 1589.
● Emerging careers – created at the intersection of historically unconnected disciplines.
● New learning models – “the future doesn’t care how you became an expert”
● Future Career Toolkit – “minds-on” activities using three actionable tools for successful career navigation.
● Next steps – key takeaways


Future Career Toolkit –
● VOICE – participants use insight from favorite movies, games, TV shows or books to define their own unique brand.
● ANTENNA – an exercise to identify sources that align with their areas of interest and expertise (TED Talks, YouTube, New York Times, BBC Click, TikTok, Twitter, Mastodon, etc al)
● MESH – participants learn how to analyze, deconstruct and expand their network of networks.