I get to visit some really interesting places while on the road speaking, moderating and attending various Deep Tech events and conducting workshop sessions.

Here is a random sampling of pictures from my recent escapades:


● Got to see a bit of the city while in Paris for the Quantum Business Europe event

● Met with Theau Peronnin CEO at Alice & Bob’s new offices in Paris

● Visited Station F in Paris – the largest tech incubator in Europe with over 3,000 companies in a beautifully renovated train station – it also house Les Maison du Quantique

● Lunch at Quantum Business Europe in Paris was…of course…charcuterie!

● Took the Eurostar back and forth between London and Paris in Sept 2023

● Visited Musee Curie where Madam Curie and her husband Pierre did their amazing work with radioactivity

● Got to visit the Sorbonne – a university founded in 1215

● Took a Skip The Line trip to Versaille – amazing…

● Impressed with this cool electric two seater Citroen getting charged up on the street in Paris

● Another amazing City Quantum Summit at the Lord Mayor’s Residence – The Mansion House!

● Got to see Twickenham Stadium – huge rugby venue in London where Quantum.Tech Europe was held

● Always enjoy riding the Tube in London – got my Oyster Card, ready to roll

● Reception at the National Physical Laboratory in London -they have a clone of Newton’s apple tree out back

● Met Edward Tufte, the “DaVinci of Data”, at his 236 acre sculpture park in northern Connecticut to view his work “All Possible Photons” – stainless steel rendering of the Feynman Diagrams