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Anne Nelson

Christopher gave a presentation of his metacognition work for my class at Columbia. It was a fresh and highly stimulating way for the students to consider how technology will affect their future careers. Christopher’s approach is highly accessible, while incorporating a lot of the newest thinking on the issues.

April Aldeen

I just finished your course on LinkedIn and really loved it. As a nonlinear careerist I often feel devalued in our society, even though I know I bring value wherever I go. Your course helped me think more strategically about how I can make moves while continuing to discover things that inspire. So, thank you April Aldeen

Olivia Newman

I have always been a future-oriented thinker, dedicated to my plan, but was facing some uncertainties about the next steps to take to further my career. So, I watched your LinkedIn Learning course Future-Proofing Your Data Science Career. I wanted to reach out and say thank you for the advice you gave in those videos. Olivia Newman

Wilson Delmas

The most beneficial advice was Chris’ revelation on how many of the top jobs today did not exist five years ago. I found that to be an important notion that should be acknowledged because of what it means to students who are pursuing degrees in fields such as medicine, accounting, and computer science.

Michael Nelson

I worked with Chris on a wide-ranging internal report on the privacy implications of virtualization, the Grid, and on demand computing. He is a quick thinker, able to “see the big picture” and think strategically, and is a great guy to work with.

Hilary Topper

Chris Bishop is an outstanding speaker. I heard his presentation at a TedX event in NYC and immediately asked him to speak before the Social Media Association. He offered incredible value, and he was totally engaging. After his presentation, he received accolades from all of the attendees. He was great.

Bob Calamai

Chris spoke for my NYU “Managing Change” class. His talk stimulated great discussion. He gave my students very practical and thought-provoking information that they will use as they launch their careers in this complex world.

Carl Nordgren

Within minutes of meeting Chris I knew this was a man I would learn much from. I have been a student of the qualities and dynamics behind Being and Becoming Creatively Entrepreneurial, as I teach these topics to my students at Duke. My service to them will only grow as I channel Chris’ great thinking Carl Nordgren

Cherrice Traver

Chris gave a great talk to our students on Metacognition and Reinvention. It was inspiring for students and faculty alike. I recommend him as a speaker for young people as they consider their place in the world.